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Have you engaged endless hours in a futile search for materials to undertake that assignment, research or project? Maybe there is too much information and you do not know how to sieve the necessary information? Whatever may be your academic/professional challenges, we have your solution ready on demand.

The Undergraduate Research Assistance Scheme (U-GRAS) programme is powered to help undergraduates (OND, HND, BSc. BA. etc.) students in various tertiary institutions across Nigeria and beyond achieve their academic goals(s). Our expertise includes but not limited to the following:

  • Research Material Acquisition both for Assignment Seminars and End of School Project
  • Survey Research Services (SRS)
  • Data Sourcing, Processing and Analysis
  • Professional Editing and Proof Reading; and
  • Plagiarism Check.

Our policy eliminates stress and gets the best out of your research. To subscribe to any of our services click HERE. For further enquiries contact our service agents in your area or better still give us a call.

How it Works?

Simple! All you have to do is:

  • Complete our online form, highlighting every important detail.
  • You'll receive a feedback message or call within 8 hours of your request during working hours from a customer services personnel. This is to give our support team the needed time to review your order.
  • Once your order has been accepted and we can meet the required deadline, you will receive a message as to the pricing information in order to make the agreed payment.
  • You can then communicate with your research assistant who will be assigned to you anytime you want till your order is completely processed and sent to you via your e-mail or by post.

We advise that you make all requests to your resource person via email, to ensure that a written record of your instructions exists. However, in rare cases, you may also arrange phone communication between you and your resource person.

Can we be trusted to deliver? You can Count on It. Our Core Values are CEIR. We are Committed to high level of customer service with consistent pursuit of Excellence that entangles with a corporate life of Integrity and Respect for persons and environment to surpass the expectation of each of our client and project. Thus, we are very conscious of the fact that we are in a business where reputation and repeated orders are essential to our success, and if any of our resource persons cannot deliver, our reputation will be severely tarnished, and it would affect our business. Therefore, every order is our priority.

Why I-Scholars Net? The credentials of our team for over four (4) years and because of our consistency! We have access to source all the aforementioned materials. These sources include public, University and online Libraries. Therefore there is hardly any material available in these sources that our team cannot access. Having so many resources at our disposal increases the chances of locating the best sources for your needs. Thus we provide 100% Original Content, that is, your order will include original research, statements, ideas or anything you may request to fulfill your requirements ONLY!

Customer Support: We offer 24/7 customer support 5 days a week (Monday to Friday). Whenever you need us, you'll be able to contact us directly with our support team using our phone, online chat (during working hours) or you can send a message via email any time. We are fast, efficient, very friendly, and professional and always ready to help.

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